Washington Football: As a Pure Quarterback, Keith Price > Jake Locker

After watching Jake Locker play quarterback the past few seasons, mental gaffes and overthrown receivers became regular occurrences, intermixed with Locker’s sensational athletic ability. The belief was that sooner or later everything would click, and then Locker would set the world on fire. It never happened.  After being drafted by the Tennessee Titans, Locker moved on and the baton was passed on to sophomore Keith Price.

Four games in, Price is playing at a higher level than Locker ever was. His throws were precise, his command of the offense was complete. His increasing comfort in the pocket is obvious, as he moves efficiently in reaction to pressure. He also seems to be relatively relaxed and having fun. Through four games he has tossed 14 touchdown passes compared to just 3 interceptions, while completing 67% of his passes.

In Washington’s first three games, the key to the offense was running back Chris Polk. Without Polk, the Huskies wouldn’t have beaten Eastern Washington and Hawaii.

But the key to the offense against Cal was Keith Price, along with creative play calling from UW coach Steve Sarkisian. The praise that Sarkisian offers Price right now is effusive.

“He is playing at about as high a level as you can play right now,” Sarkisian said.  “I tip my hat to (Stanford’s) Andrew Luck and (USC’s Matt) Barkley and these other guys in our conference. But the level of play that Keith Price is playing at is as high as anybody in our conference.”

The win over Cal left Washington with a 1-0 record in Pac-12 play and 3-1 overall. The Huskies travel to Salt Lake City next Saturday for a game against the Utah Utes, before having a BYE on October 8th.



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2 responses to “Washington Football: As a Pure Quarterback, Keith Price > Jake Locker

  1. Northwest Suffering

    I don’t think that Keith Price has thrown a pick yet. His three turnovers were all on fumbles if my memory serves me correctly. Nobody on Montlake covering the Huskies wants to admit that Jake Locker never fully realized his full potential. Sure, he was a constant threat with his legs and could make the great throw on occasion, but he was way too inconsistent as a passer throughout his career. I told several people over the summer that I thought their offense would score more points and be more efficient this year and was treated like I had just spewed blasphemy. Keith Price is off to a fantastic start. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Husky program.

  2. I agree completely with your comments, although I will add that I never envisioned Price playing at an all-conference level right out of the box. This season holds a lot of fun possibilities. – Derek

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